May Newsletter


What a busy start to the term. All our Little Owls have progressed so quickly and are growing up before our eyes. For the rest of the term we will be finishing our fish topic. This will follow on to ‘going on a holiday’.


To ensure our time is used to support your child/children in their learning and well-being, we will now display a written summary of what your child has been doing each session outside on the easel. The red Communication book will outline your child’s next step. Your child’s keyworker will highlight when a next step has been achieved and will inform you of the new learning area they will be focusing on.

We would still love to hear what your child has been doing at home and any exciting milestones they have achieve, so please feel free to comment where you can.


The hot weather is getting closer and keeping children safe from the heat is paramount.

Please can we ask that all parents provide their child with a named sun hat and sun cream, to keep at pre-school. The Pre-school Staff will apply cream to each child on the hot summer days, prior to outside play.


During Pre-School, children’s clothes can get very messy. Many parents will provide their child with a separate set of clothes for pre-school sessions, to prevent their everyday clothes from getting ruined. At Little Owls, we have embroidered t-shirts and jumpers for a small fee. If you would like to order your child some uniform, let a member of the Little Owls Team know.

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