June Newsletter


Dear Parents/Guardians,

The last term is here and we are very busy! The children are learning about ‘going on holiday’ and we currently have a plane in our role play area. The children are enjoying their imaginary play and creating holiday crafts.


Week one: 12th, 14th, 16th June

Week two: 20th, 22nd June

Week one: 26th, 28th, 30th JuneTALK – FRIDAY 23RD JUNE 10:30am:

We are very lucky! One of our lovely mums is coming in to talk to us about her job at Virgin air lines. The children will be able to hear all about the fun things that happen in a plane, see her uniform and hear about the amazing places she has taken her passengers. Thank you again Tarah, we can’t wait.

We welcome all Little Owls Join us, even if Friday isn’t your normal session.


We will be joined by our local lifeboat crew, to talk to the children about what their role is in our waters and general safety at summer time.

The children have the chance to see a real life lifeboat and explore their equipment.


To link in with our ‘going on holiday’ theme, our summer trip this term is a teddy bear picnic on the 28th of June at 11-1pm. We would like the children to bring one soft toy of their choice to enjoy our home made picnic and explore a variety of party games.

If your child will be attending, please bring back your permission slips as soon as possible.


On the 21st of July at 10:30 we will be holding our annual sports day. This is a huge date in the little Owls Calendar and encourage all to attend. Sports day is a chance to celebrate another great year, say farewell to school leavers and any parting committee members and end the school year on a nice buffet with friends.

You will receive a slip with further information regarding sport very soon.


We are very sad to tell you, that Amy will be leaving us in July for further study. Amy has been a huge part of our team and has supported a lot of families throughout her time at Little Owls. We will be saying a huge good luck and goodbye at sports day.


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